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Our Services

Upholstery, refinishing and touchup, and repairs


Your Furniture + New Fabric = AWESOME. Onsite upholstery for hotels and restaurants to minimize downtime and maximize budget. In shop work (we can transport) for everyone.


Give us your tired, your worn, your damaged, we'll make it better. Touchup, refinishing and repairs are all available from qualified and trained professionals. Again, onsite for commercial clients or in our shop for everyone.


Houses of worship deserve their own section. We've refurbished pews (upholstery and refinishing) all over Texas. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Request a Quote

A Picture, rough dimensions, and a description.
That's what we need to give you a price.

(Use "Contact Us" in the banner at the top of the page.)

What to Send

99% of the time, we need a simple picture showing the entire piece of furniture, overall dimensions of what you've sent, and a description of what you'd like us to do. Oh, if we are transporting (or doing onsite work) give us an idea of where you are.

What to Expect

We'll send you back an email with the cost, the amount of fabric needed (if it's upholstery) and the rough time frame it'll take. Time frames are tough because we do vary with seasons and project work. If you have a strict deadline, just let us know. We're pretty honest about our capacity.

What to do next

This is simple, buy fabric through us or supply your own. Give us your furniture. We'll make it look great and call you when it's done! We do ask for a 50% deposit to get started, and the balance on completion.

Recent Works

See below for a few examples of recent projects we've completed.