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Upholstery Fabrics

Markham has accounts with most major fabric suppliers. If you are shopping for fabric, we recommend these suppliers based on price and quality. You can view and search their selections online via the links below. Once you have selected fabrics, simply let us know your interests and we will provide a price.

Greenhouse fabrics : An excellent source for reasonably-priced, high-quality fabrics.  Prices average in the $15-$30 range.



Duralee Fabric


Duralee : Beautiful fabrics of the highest-quality.  Prices average in the $30-$40 range for standard upholstery fabric.


Scott Fabrics

Scott Fabrics

Scott Fabrics: Fabrics primarily for the commercial space.  Almost all are wear-rated and suitable for high-traffic installations.  Fabrics tend to be more basic but all will perform very well in a tough environment. Prices run in the $18-$25 range on average.