Furniture Upholstery

Markham Upholstery 2616 Irving Blvd. Dallas, TX 75207 214.634.7776

We are considering a TV install.  How can you help?

We offer a complete TV upgrade solution.  Our experience includes:

  1. Modification of existing cabinetry to accommodate the new TV
  2. Receiving and warehousing of televisions
  3. TV installation and programming
  4. Sourcing prefabricated granite tops

Do you work outside Dallas or Texas?

Absolutely, we travel across the nation.  A majority of our renovation work occurs outside Dallas (and Texas.)

What sets you apart from other refurbishers?

We have a different model than most of our competitors.  We staff a majority of our projects with actual employees who have a proven history with our company.  We do not rely on transient contractors and temporary workers.

Can you provide references?

We obviously don’t post references but certainly can provide references on request.  Please contact us to discuss your project so we can provide an appropriate references.